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Fran F.

April 18th, 2019

At age 72, I thought, too late for [physical therapy]. Nick actually called me and convinced me to at least come in for a one hour free evaluation and work up.

I did, and the rest is history as they say…..I was so much more aware mentally of when and how I was not moving my body properly. Nick was delighted. He said, “that’s where it begins, the mind. Then that can translate to the body!”

​That’s what‘s different about MM. You are engaged in the mental/physical outcome because Nick doesn’t just “work on you”, he explains, he engages, he instructs, he encourages.

As a result of treatment I am more consciously participating in my own healing. I feel better, can return to activities I had given up doing and know how to deal with times when I may encounter some pain. I keep moving, but correctly now.​

The feature I like most about MM is that your time is just that! Your time. You have Nick’s full attention and focus – you are not part of an assembly line of clients.​

I have already recommended 12 people, ranging in ages from 12-86. All with different issues. Each and every one of them has been amazed at the help that has been given to them through, Nick’s work at Movement Matters.​

It’s a choice… You cannot heal or relieve pain on any level (physically, emotionally, or spiritually) unless you make a change. Change requires “movement”, no matter how small at first . You must also find and work at the “cause” of the pain, not just the obvious symptoms.​

Nick Clark can, and does, help you to accomplish this if you are open and make the choice to work with him to accomplish your own healing. It’s a process.