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  • What types of education/training do you have?

    We have years of university-level training in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology (study of joint movement), neurology, and many of the other medical sciences. We have graduated from accredited athletic therapy programs and are state licensed. Depending on the university, the program is either a masters or doctorate level degree. Rest assured, your therapist is well trained to evaluate and treat your condition.

  • What is pain relief therapy?

    Pain relief therapy is a medical, hands-on approach to relieving pain and restoring function. We are medical experts in musculoskeletal and neurological conditions and work closely with physicians. Our staff evaluates your movement patterns, identify the root cause of your pain, and work to eliminate it. We emphasis addressing WHY you have pain not WHERE you have pain. For example, lower back pain is NEVER caused by the lower back.

    While every patient’s condition and pain is unique, we will use a variety of gentle hands-on techniques, exercises, and equipment to relieve pain quickly and restore your function to optimum levels. The overall goal is to restore pain-free mobility and function and to prevent the injury or pain from recurring.

  • Do you accept insurance?
    • We do not accept insurance, because we’re committed to providing the highest quality of care to our patients. The poor reimbursement payments from insurance companies force many clinics to churn through a significantly higher volume of patients in order to cover their operating costs.
    • That means less time for each patient, and in turn, they receive less treatment.
    • Our operating model allows us to commit fully to each patient, ensuring that the treatment experience is never anything less than the highest standard.
    • And high-quality treatment brings about exceptional results.
  • What are the credentials of the clinician?

    Nick Clark is a certified athletic trainer, certified personal trainer, and functional movement screen certified. Athletic training has nothing to do with actually training athletes. The official definition of an athletic trainer According to the NATA (National Athletic Trainer’s Association) is as follows:

    Athletic training encompasses the prevention, examination, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of emergent, acute or chronic injuries and medical conditions. Athletic training is recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA), Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as an allied health care profession. Simply put, athletic trainers are medical professionals not fitness professionals.

  • Where are you located?

    Our office is located at:
    28 Railroad Ave. Warwick, NY, 10990 

  • Do you offer other services, or do you only treat lower back pain?

    We specialize in treating in lower back pain due to the complex nature of the pathology and its’ high prevalence, however, it is not all we treat. The concepts we use (finding why it hurts, not the where it hurts) to effectively solve lower back pain be used to eliminate all orthopedic problems. 

  • How is this different than physical therapy?

    Under insurance based rehabilitation you can only attack the “site” of pain not the “source” of pain. They must conduct their treatments this way because insurance companies will not pay for interventions anywhere else. This may create temporary relief but is not a long-term solution. For example, if you go to physical therapy for your lower back they can ONLY focus treatments at the lower back when the real reason why your back hurts is your hips, ankles, or another region of the body that is not doing what it needs to.

    Moreover, they must focus on having a high volume of patients due to the poor reimbursements from insurance companies. This means a crowded room, divided attention, and a 15 to a 20-minute maximum of hands-on intervention. This is not enough time to eliminate your pain and get you back to what you love. 

  • How do I get started?

    To get started, please request a discovery visit to book your free 60-minute consultation with our Senior Back Pain Specialist, Nick Clark.

  • How do I know if pain relief therapy will help me?

    Working with you and your doctor, we can discuss your options and help determine if pain relief therapy will be the right choice for you. Contact us today to discuss your current condition and even set up a free discovery visit if you choose.

  • Can I go to any pain relief therapy I choose?

    As a patient, you have the right to receive pain relief therapy at any place you choose. At Movement Matters, you will receive the highest quality care while achieving the results you need.  We pride ourselves on providing a positive, encouraging environment with well-trained, friendly staff. We are confident in our ability to help you reach your goals and live a pain-free life. We provide a 1 on 1 individualistic approach with an emphasis on hands-on techniques. We do not use modalities like ultrasound and heat which are designed to bill your insurance, not restore your health.

  • How do I schedule a discovery visit ?

    Our scheduling is easy and we offer a convenient location and appointment times for you. We have morning and evening appointments available to meet the demands of your busy schedule. Call us today at 845-283-0274 or request a discovery visit.

  • What should I bring to my first appointment?

    To bring on your first visit:

    • A prescription (if needed) for physical therapy from your referring physician, ARNP, or PA.
    • Print out the patient forms, fill them out, and bring them with you.
    • In case of an automobile accident or worker’s compensation claim, also bring any case manager or insurance adjuster contact names, phone numbers, and claim number.
    • Please arrive 15 minutes early to complete any remaining paperwork, so you can maximize your time in your evaluation.
    • Please wear comfortable clothing that allows easy access to your problem areas.
  • Will it hurt?

    Our intervention is not meant to hurt, however, we need a productive level of discomfort for you to achieve your goals. As you restore your mobility, pain levels, at times can fluctuate. You might experience some temporary soreness from using muscles that are weakened or recovering. This is a normal response to treatment. Good communication with your therapist will help minimize any discomfort. We want you on your way to quick pain relief and back to normal activities.

  • What type of payment do you accept?

    We accept cash, check, debit card, and credit card. We are happy to discuss payment plan options as well. It is our policy that payment is made at the time of service.

  • What do I wear?

    Dress comfortably with clothes that allow easy access for the therapist to examine your problem areas. For treatments, loose fitting clothes that are comfortable for gentle exercises and supportive sneakers are often good choices to wear.

  • How long will my sessions last?

    Typically, the first session lasts for 1 hour 15 minutes. Each session will be 60 minutes of one-on-one intervention. The amount of time will be based on your specific needs, and we will discuss this with you.

  • How many sessions will I have?

    Each individual’s situation is different. We pride ourselves on creating an approach that is specific to your needs. We will review the physical evidence during your free discovery session and decide from there.