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Client Testimonials

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    Nick Clark’s program works!

    My name is Shaun and I am a 51 year old moderately athletic guy. I enjoy running to stay healthy and started running a Marathon each January for the past 8 years.

    This year I decided to run my first ultra marathon. I signed up for the Rock the Ridge 50 mile Challenge at Mohonk in New Paltz on May 4, 2019 and started training. During my training I started getting a very sharp shooting pain in my left knee that made me stop mid stride. I had hoped it would just go away with some rest, but it didn’t. I really was worried this would keep me from running my first Ultra that was now only 6 weeks away.

    Then I was so lucky to see a friend who had gone to Nick Clark and had great results. Looking for help I immediately texted Nick on April 4, 2019. Later that evening I had a phone conversation with him and he explained how he would approach my situation.

    I am someone who prefers No Medication and Non Surgical remedies first. Feeling good about our conversation I made an appointment to meet Nick with now only 4 weeks until the 50 mile run.

    Within 1 week of working with Nick I was already feeling much less knee pain and my training was able to start up again. I was cautiously optimistic and now thinking I could possibly still run 50 miles. By week 3 I am now realizing how bad my stride was and how my mechanics were really out of alignment. At this point I am now feeling much better physically and my left knee pain was almost gone. By week 4 the knee is feeling great at almost 100% and my stride and overall mechanics are so much better.

    I 100% believe in what Nick Clark can do for the human body because it works for me!

    Thank you Nick for helping me run my first Ultra 50 mile run in 13:36.08

    Shaun P.

  • Nick helped me regain the strength I have needed with being intimidating and without using intimidating machines and tools. I had knee replacement surgery. The insurance company said, ok you are functional because you can bend your knee X number of degrees, but that still didn’t allow me to climb the stairs like a normal person. Nick is going to the source of the pain., working through it and attacking it to improve all functionality. Nick and Movement Matters have made a huge difference just being able to get back on track to what I want to be doing. I would definitely recommend trying Movement Matters. He will work with you whatever your ability level is. definitely work with you

    Siran B.

  • I have been dealing with back pain and hip pain for many years. Actually, had hip arthropathy in 2009. So, I was frustrated. I wanted to get to the point where that wasn’t the case where I didn’t have to rely on temporary measures. When I saw the sign initially for Movement Matters, it was about correcting the way your body moves. What he does is try to improve your quality of life before you break down, before you get to that point where you need surgery or medication. When my back was really bothering me, I couldn’t think about anything else, it was just always there, always in the back of my mind. Now I am at a point where I can wake up and go through my day and not think about my back and not think about the pain. It’s so wonderful. It’s liberating.

    Susan. M

  • Brian B.

    Back on June 10th, I extolled the virtues of Nick Clark, and posted that he might be a miracle worker. Well, I can now say for certain that HE IS! After four treatments, I no longer have pain in my hamstring, my running stride has not only lengthened, but it has returned to its normal symmetry, and I am training at close to my normal pace and mileage again! Whether he likes it or not, I have officially anointed him as a member of “Team Baker”; he is helping me get back in shape, and I have very high hopes for not only returning to my former level of fitness, but perhaps even going beyond.

    Brian B.

  • Terri M.

    Nick is great to work with. He knows his stuff. I’m consistently impressed with his knowledge of the most efficient and effective ways to move properly to reduce pain and stress in the body. He is very good at explaining what he is doing and why it is going to help. High Recommend!

    Terri M.

  • Martha H

    My body started spiraling downward, about 2 years ago after doing Crossfit. I finally had to give it up and see a doctor for my lower back pain which was becoming a real issue for me in my daily life. Being an active person, I was determined to keep working out but was afraid. I found Nick while doing physical therapy, and trusted I could work out in a safe way with his guidance. I was amazed at how the simplest of movements could have such a big impact. My back improved drastically.

    Unfortunately, I started to have shoulder mobility issues out of nowhere, which slowed me down with movement, but Nick was there for the rescue for that as well. He attacked the problem from the root cause. It’s like he is my personal body mechanic! When the parts go, he fixes them. I never thought I would get back the range of motion in my shoulders, but with Nicks hard work and determination, I got there. He will do whatever it takes to get the result, which is one of the things I admire most about him. He puts a lot of effort and thought into everything he does. Nick is a priority in my very busy schedule. I truly believe this is the best investment in my future, and I am grateful for the opportunity. Thank you Nick.

    Martha H.

  • Garret D

    OK…this may be a tad lengthy, so apologies up front! Nick Clark’s protocol WORKS! It surely has worked amazingly for me; I’m so grateful for the referral I received to go for an initial evaluation.

    First, Nick is terrific…professional, knowledgeable, responsible and a great communicator. I walked away from the initial apt. completely sold on giving his methods a try. Well…I started back in December just before the Holidays and after each visit, I was amazed how not only good my back felt, but my body overall! And so here’s where the rubber meets the road.

    I left for my 23rd annual golf week to FL on the 9th of February, after 7 visits with Nick…feeling very good. My rotation was lengthened, my swing didn’t “hurt” me at all, and I went the ENTIRE week (18 holes of golf for 6 straight days) without ingesting one pain reliever!!! And…I won the tournament! 🙂 In the past few years on this trip…I would easily take 20 – 30 Advil. The program has surely worked for me…and I could not be happier. I’ve already told about a dozen people that they should just GO! Have that initial consultation…there’s a good chance you won’t be sorry.

    Garret D.

  • 100 stars for Movement Matters and Nick Clark! He has exponentially improved my quality of life. Nick is passionate about his work and committed to treating his clients with the utmost service and convenience. He is super savvy and always up on the latest research and techniques. By working with Nick at “Movement Matters” for the past year and a half, I have learned to re-train my improper movements and use specific daily stretches to prevent pain and injury. Nick also manually works on joints and muscles that are troublesome. This has prevented flare-ups and daily discomfort that I suffered beforehand.

    Even with a rare flare-up/spasm, my recovery time goes from a few weeks to a few days. My story might be familiar if you are looking at this review … Prior to working with Nick, I had accepted constant back pain as my norm. I suffered from severe lower back spasms starting as a Varsity athlete in HS and they continued to frequent and worsen with age and further life “wear and tear.” As a mother of 3 girls, life “in pain” is very difficult. It is also difficult to accept daily life limitations. Daily activities and pleasures became painful; and impossible during flare-ups. A simple car-ride would have me in tears because of discomfort. Sleeping was painful.

    I’ve spent thousands of dollars and hours in-and-out of orthopedic offices, ERs, Urgent Cares, MRIs, CT scans, pharmacies, chiropractors, physical therapists, and on and on and on to the point of desperation. I was being “diagnosed but not properly treated.” To wrap this up, if any of this sounds familiar to you, you have to call Nick — set up a consult and invest the time into making a life-changing improvement. “Movement Matters” has seriously saved my life. I have learned safe, proper movements and without even an aspirin, I can live my life and do what I love. Live your best life. DO what you love. And always move!! Movement Matters!

    Jess S.

  • I discovered MM through a training partner who was looking for ways to run without feeling pain. He went for a free evaluation and was very impressed.

    I was having issues with hip pain while running and tried many other options to alleviate the pain while training for a marathon. Nick immediately picked up on my hip issues upon introducing himself to me.

    I found relief from pain after my evaluation and have continued to see Nick weekly to maintain running pain-free. I recommend MM to all runners and am a huge advocate. I do not have pain or discomfort while running, in addition, I am no longer experiencing stiffness after runs. The plans are individualized for me because Nick takes time to evaluate and listen to my concerns to address any specific issues I have.

    My running has improved with increased strength and stability, and [I have] many personal records in the books that are a result of the MM program. MM provides a foundation for success, which I continue to build on by having an awareness of what I need to work on to prevent future injuries.”

    Jenny Q.

  • At age 72, I thought, too late for [physical therapy]. Nick actually called me and convinced me to at least come in for a one hour free evaluation and work up.

    I did, and the rest is history as they say…..I was so much more aware mentally of when and how I was not moving my body properly. Nick was delighted. He said, “that’s where it begins, the mind. Then that can translate to the body!”

    ​That’s what‘s different about MM. You are engaged in the mental/physical outcome because Nick doesn’t just “work on you”, he explains, he engages, he instructs, he encourages.

    As a result of treatment I am more consciously participating in my own healing. I feel better, can return to activities I had given up doing and know how to deal with times when I may encounter some pain. I keep moving, but correctly now.​

    The feature I like most about MM is that your time is just that! Your time. You have Nick’s full attention and focus – you are not part of an assembly line of clients.​

    I have already recommended 12 people, ranging in ages from 12-86. All with different issues. Each and every one of them has been amazed at the help that has been given to them through, Nick’s work at Movement Matters.​

    It’s a choice… You cannot heal or relieve pain on any level (physically, emotionally, or spiritually) unless you make a change. Change requires “movement”, no matter how small at first . You must also find and work at the “cause” of the pain, not just the obvious symptoms.​

    Nick Clark can, and does, help you to accomplish this if you are open and make the choice to work with him to accomplish your own healing. It’s a process.

    Fran F.

  • Carolyn B

    I first came to Nick several months ago after almost two years of 3 physical therapists, 2 chiropractors, a massage therapist, a pain management doctor, and a back pain specialty doctor. These doctors and specialists had me trying pain pills, exercises, several muscular injections, and several spinal epidurals all to treat the symptom. Nick was the first one to really try to start at the beginning, to treat the cause of the pain. Why was I experiencing back pain? Nick’s philosophy is to treat the whole body, look for the cause of the imbalance that is causing the pain. He works on my feet and my legs to get me to be more aligned, more in balance in order to treat my back pain.

    My mobility, my range of motion, and my sleep have all improved now that I am seeing Nick. I have been able to resume some of my workouts. My quality of life is so much improved!

    Nick takes the time to talk with me, to actually listen, and care about what I have to say about what I have been experiencing. He never ceases to amaze me when he tells me about how the body works and how it’s all interconnected. Nick is personable and eager to make my experience both comfortable and enjoyable. He even plays my favorite music in the background so that I will be comfortable during my sessions.

    I am incredibly pleased with the progress I have made with Nick. My back pain and corresponding issues are so much better. I certainly can see a time ahead when I will be “cured” and able to resume all of my favorite activities. I completely credit Nick and his methods and enthusiastically recommend him to anyone seeking relief.

    Carolyn B.